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VSSUT-OIML Faculty Development Program

About Faculty Development Program in 2022

This repository contains the instructions, guidelines, place holder for storing the artifacts of AI Machine Learning Faculty Development Program (VSSUT-OIML-FDP in short) organized by the Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT) and Odias in Machine Learning (OdiaML) in 2022.

Instructions for the participants

  • Participants or groups of participants can select a mini-project from the list of mini-projects.
  • Participants can use the established Slack Channel ( for all communication among each other and with the mentor during the event.
  • All participants/groups can present their work for evaluation at the end of the event.
  • Participants/groups can continue their work coordination with the mentors for possible scientific publications.

Setup instructions

  • Code and data location
  • Environment setup i.e. in GCP, Azure, AWS, etc.
  • Python/Anaconda setup
  • Colab setup

Instructions for the Mentors

  • Each mentor needs to provide at least one problem statement to exercise by a group during the FDP.
  • During problem definition, consider the timeline of 2-3 weeks, and resources (CPU).
  • Mentor needs to prepare a guideline and instructions (environment setup, data source, etc.) for execution.
  • Mentor and team can communicate using the established Slack Channel ( and organize a meeting as per the agreed time.
  • It suggests that the mentor ensure active participants of each member.

Mentor List

  • Mr. Soumendra Kumar Sahoo (Python, NLP)
  • Mr. Subhadarshi Panda (NLP - Machine Translation)
  • Dr. Shantipriya Parida (NLP - Machine Translation, Topic Modeling, Text Summarization, Language Detection)
  • Dr. Kusumlata Patiyal (NLP - Mention Detection, Co-reference Resolution)
  • Mr. Sambit Sekhar (NLP - Recommendation Engine)
  • Mr. Abhijeet Parida (Computer Vision)
  • Dr. Ravi Shankar Prasad (Speech Processing)
  • Dr. Satya Ranjan Dash (NLP)
  • Mr. Pravat Jena (NLP, Data Science)
  • Mr. Arohi Kumar Barai (Microfabrication of Biomedical Microsystems and Implants)

Last update: 2022-11-04