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Micro fluidics based Lab-on-a-chip systems development for developing economies

Mentor: Arohi Kumar Barai


Microfluidics based Lab-on-a-chip systems are efficient, high-speed, string throughput, and accurate. Still, they are expensive to produce due to a lack of local manufacturing/ production facilities or uniform global market adoption. Despite advancement in medical device research, affordable customizable diagnostic devices/medical test kits are still a distant dream for many developing nation.


Design, development, prototyping, and fabrication of intelligent Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) system with in-house inexpensive micro fluidic automation system.


Modular development of the custom-built lab-on-a-chip system. Few Products of interests:

  • LOC Devices for Point-of-care testing i.e. Covid-19/Malaria antigen Test kit, Digital dipstick.
  • Paper-based micro-fluidic devices for various Enzyme linked Immunoassays test kits.
  • Dielectrophoresis based LOC for cell separation, sorting, rotation, and manipulation of organic & inorganic particles (ex. Microplastic detection, sampling, and filtration).
  • Organ-on-chip (OOC) for simulation, analysis of the activities, mechanics, and physiological response of various human organs such as lungs, kidneys, liver, guts, heart, etc.
  • The implementation of AI & ML in creating robust and intelligent LOC systems for industrial application.
  • Design, development, and commercial production of an AI enabled smart, low cost micro-fluidic automation kit (pump, valve, controller etc.)


  • Rapid prototyping service in design of custom-built, user specific LOC systems for external clients.
  • Training & certification for local technicians, engineers, healthcare workers in research, development, prototyping, & manufacturing of intelligent LOC systems.
  • Internship, research, & job opportunities for local/international students & build cross-cultural knowledge hubs.
  • To Boost & empower the local healthcare, food, hygiene, and medical research independent and self-reliant.

AI-ML Application

  • Data need to be gathered & sorted on demographic distribution of primary, secondary, tertiary level health hazards, sickness, & diseases.
  • At the same time, research to be conducted on automation programming to handle Micro fluidic based LOC systems for easy usages at home & medical facilities.

Potential clients

  • B2B: Pharmaceutical companies, Medical diagnostic labs, Healthcare facilities, R&D centers, and universities with on-demand customized products.
  • B2C: For individual customers as a trademark in-house product (after regulation check and approval).

Last update: 2022-11-04