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Project: Traffic Violation Detection

Idea: Anjan Kumar Panda

Proposer: Abhijeet Parida


Identification of unruly drivers.

Traffic Police of smart city Bhubaneswar is overburden with the number of unruly drivers on its roads. It has installed a number of traffic cams to identify and catch traffic violation offenders. It has hired a group of smart data scientist(you) to come up with a solution to help them automate the task. Can you help them identify the unruly drivers?

Who is an unruly driver on the highways?

  • the one who changes lanes unneccesarily
  • the one drives on the wrong side of the road
  • the one who breaks speed limit


  • highlight all unruly drivers in red segmentation
  • highlight all good drivers in green segmentation
  • when a good driver turns bad the color should change from green to red and vice versa.


Refer to the boilerplate code to get started.

Bonus Point

If you can extract the numberplate information of the unruly drivers.

Last update: 2022-11-04