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In-content Ad Integration For Live Streamers

In-content Ad Integration For Live Streamers
Mentor: Aditya Kumar


Problem statement / Opportunity

Live streaming video is expected to account for as much as 84% of all internet traffic in 2020, and the total value of the live streaming industry is estimated to top $124 billion by 2025. That’s a lot of traffic – and a lot of potential ad dollars.

How can we tap into this market?

As of now, there are lot of screen space from LIVE streamers which can be monetized. We want to build a system that uses their permitted screen space for monetization.

Can you think of any idea, lets get in touch!

Idea : Aditya kumar It will be a live project cum Opportunity to join our venture!


• Seamless In-content Ad Integration for Live Streamers


  • Algorithm that identifies an optimised spaces for ad display on livestreams
  • Insert ads into these identified spaces.
  • HTML based landing page (Short ,yet crispy)

Last update: 2022-11-04