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Odisha ML Summer School

About Odisha ML Summer School in 2022

This repository contains the instructions, guidelines, place holder for storing the artifacts of AI Machine Learning Summer School (Odisha ML Summer School in short) organized by the Odisha Corporate Foundation (OCF) and Odias in Machine Learning (OdiaML) in 2022.

Instructions for the participants

  • All the participants will be divided into equal groups.
  • Participants in each group have to nominate one member as a group leader for representing their group.
  • Each group can select a mini-project defined already or they can also come up with their own.
  • The group leader can distribute the task and coordinate with team members and mentors.
  • Participants of each group can select a name for their group.
  • Participants can use the established discord channel for all communication among each other and with the mentor during the event.
  • All group has to present their work for evaluation at the end of the event.
  • The best three teams will be announced by the evaluators.

Setup instructions

  • Code and data location
  • Environment setup i.e. in GCP, Azure, AWS, etc.
  • Python/Anaconda setup
  • Colab setup

Instructions for the Mentors

  • Each mentor needs to provide at least one problem statement to exercise by a group during the summer school.
  • During problem definition, consider the timeline of 2-3 weeks, and resources (CPU).
  • Mentor needs to prepare a guideline and instructions (environment setup, data source, etc.) for execution.
  • Mentor and team can communicate using the established channel and meeting as per agreed time.
  • It suggest that mentor ensure active participants of each member.

Mentor List

  • Mr. Soumendra Kumar Sahoo (Python, NLP)
  • Mr. Subhadarshi Panda (NLP - Machine Translation)
  • Dr. Shantipriya Parida (NLP - Machine Translation, Topic Modeling, Text Summarization, Language Detection)
  • Mrs. Kusumlata Patiyal (NLP - Mention Detection, Co-reference Resolution)
  • Mr. Sambit Sekhar (NLP - Recommendation Engine)
  • Mr. Abhijeet Parida (Computer Vision)
  • Prof. Peeta Basa Pati (Image Processing)
  • Dr. Ravi Shankar Prasad (Speech Processing)
  • Mr. Sakyasingha Mohapatra (Robotics)
  • Mr. Prabhu Teja (Deep Learning)

Last update: 2022-11-04